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Each month Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness Magazine brings the readers on behalf of thousands of Chiropractic clinics a unique look at a wellness lifestyle that truly begins with Chiropractic. Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness Magazine has dedicated itself in bringing the highest standard of Quality, Image and Respect to the Chiropractic Profession through an extraordinary patient education publication.


"A true wellness lifestyle starts with Chiropractic Care".

Remember, you give your patients award winning service and care…give them the same award winning patient education…Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness Magazine! This is not just a magazine, it is your catalog that represents your passion, image and a true belief in wellness through Chiropractic. Don't ever settle for less!

All the Best! The Staff


Dear Doctor and Staff,

Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness Magazine has dedicated itself to the advancement of the Chiropractic Profession through Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness Magazine for many years. Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness Magazine has been at the forefront of the advancement of the Doctor of Chiropractic rights, image, respect as well as the Chiropractic Profession. Our quest is to bring the highest image and respect for the Doctor of Chiropractic and the Chiropractic Profession through premier patient education and more! We only function within and only support the Chiropractic Profession and Chiropractic Clinic like yours and thousands more.

Throughout our history, we have supported every college and university, including yours throughout the United States and Canada running ads in the Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness Magazine for all Chiropractic Colleges and Universities to prospective students that have an interest in becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic sending out thousands of pieces of information on behalf of all Chiropractic Colleges and Universities to prospective students, at our cost. We have joined with organizations, states and many others to help defend the rights of the Doctor of Chiropractic. Since our company is 100% dedicated and functions only through the Chiropractic Profession, we receive hundreds upon hundreds of calls from every day people, all across the United States and Canada, that have read a particular issue of the Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness Magazine either given to them from a family member, a neighbor or a library wanting to find a Doctor of Chiropractic in their area and we refer to them to a Doctor nearest that caller and it's very likely we have referred new patients to your clinic as we have to thousands of others as well.

From our entire staff at Chiropractic Wellness & Fitness Magazine we are dedicated to your success, image and the success of the entire Chiropractic Profession-present and future!

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